17/09/2018 / Latest News, Our Team

Introducing our newly reinvigorated board

It’s been an exciting year so far for START, and we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes on some really exciting stuff (as well as some less exciting but no-less important tasks such as updating our health and safety policies)!
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20/08/2018 / Information, Latest News

5 ways to help someone who stutters

If you’re someone who doesn’t stutter, you might have a number of questions about what to do when talking to someone who does, and how you can best help them. If you’re worried you might offend them, or you’re unsure of the best way to phrase a question, then read on.
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stutter or stammer
15/07/2018 / Information, Latest News

Stuttering vs stammering – what’s the difference?

Is it stutter? or is it stammer? We're here to put the stutter vs. stammer debate to rest once and for all.
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help charity
10/06/2018 / Information, Latest News

5 ways you can help our charity that aren’t just donating money

As a charity, a lot of what makes our world go around is the support we receive from the community - but there’s a misconception that to help a charity you need to donate money. We’re here to dispel the rumours, and show you 5 ways you can support us without donating money!
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stuttering and singing
15/05/2018 / Information, Latest News

Why don’t we stutter when we sing?

Have you ever noticed that you don’t stutter when you sing? Or if you’re a person who doesn’t stutter, have you ever wondered why you’ve never heard someone stutter while singing? Read on to find out why.
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Stuttering therapy
20/04/2018 / Information, Latest News

What does a donation to our charity do?

Are you looking to make a donation that goes further? Read this article to find out how a donation to our charity could change a child's entire life.
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stuttering group therapy
26/03/2018 / Information, Latest News

It’s not all about individual therapy

Why we run groups and courses in conjunction with treatment.
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04/02/2018 / Latest News

START has moved!

START has moved premises, please read this blog to find out where!
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16/10/2017 / Latest News

Happy International Stuttering Awareness Week – how are we celebrating?

It only comes around once a year – International Stuttering Awareness Day on the 22nd of October. This year it...
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18/09/2017 / Latest News

Help us create “A World That Understands Stuttering”

This years’ theme for International Stuttering Awareness Day is ‘A world that understands stuttering’ – and here at START we...
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