15/05/2018 / Information, Latest News

Why don’t we stutter when we sing?

Have you ever noticed that you don’t stutter when you sing? Or if you’re a person who doesn’t stutter, have you ever wondered why you’ve never heard someone stutter while singing? Read on to find out why.
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20/04/2018 / Information, Latest News

What does a donation to our charity do?

Are you looking to make a donation that goes further? Read this article to find out how a donation to our charity could change a child's entire life.
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26/03/2018 / Information, Latest News

It’s not all about individual therapy

Why we run groups and courses in conjunction with treatment.
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04/02/2018 / Latest News

START has moved!

START has moved premises, please read this blog to find out where!
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16/10/2017 / Latest News

Happy International Stuttering Awareness Week – how are we celebrating?

It only comes around once a year – International Stuttering Awareness Day on the 22nd of October. This year it...
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18/09/2017 / Latest News

Help us create “A World That Understands Stuttering”

This years’ theme for International Stuttering Awareness Day is ‘A world that understands stuttering’ – and here at START we...
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04/09/2017 / Latest News

Why are males more likely to stutter?

This question comes up fairly regularly, and because so little is understood about the definitive cause of stuttering, it’s often...
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20/06/2017 / Latest News

START speaks up on the global stage

Continuing with our dedication to professional development and education, Dr Anna Hearne has recently returned from presenting at a conference in Germany.
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23/11/2016 / Latest News

Start Celebrates 21 Years of Service

In March 2016 START formally marked its twenty first birthday with a party and celebration for some of our friends...
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23/11/2016 / Latest News

START team learn more about the Demands and Capacities Model (DCM)

In July START employees Anna Hearne and Voon Pang attended a workshop in Rotterdam to learn more about the demand...
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