Treatment prices and options

Our team is passionate about stuttering. That's why they're specialists in this particular area of speech language therapy. While many clinics offer a range of speech language services, we're proud to offer a specialist stuttering service so that you can be sure you're getting the tailored stuttering advice and treatment that you need.

Our specialists are constantly staying up to date with advancements in stuttering treatment techniques, and want to help as many people as possible. Why see a generalist, when you can visit START and work with a specialist speech language therapist that focuses on stuttering?

As a charitable organisation, we keep our client fees as low as we can. We're here for purpose, not for profit. Payment plans are also available for those in need, as well as a sliding scale. The success of our fundraising efforts allows us to offer subsidised options for those in need - so that no one needs to go without the treatment that is available.

If you would like to enquire about a subsidised option, or our sliding scale, please contact - or if you would like to donate to our charity, to ensure those in need can access our services, please donate via our website here.

Individual treatment

Greenlane, Albany or via video call

Tailored assessment and treatment plan

Specialist speech language therapists

Subsidised Individual treatment

For CSC holders, students or elderly

Greenlane, Albany or via video call

Tailored assessment and treatment plan

Group treatment and mentoring

Treatment in a group environment can also be very beneficial for some people that stutter. START offers group treatment options for kids, teens and adults. These courses are offered throughout the year and have limited availability. 

Our exclusive mentoring programme is available by application only. Please contact us for more information.