Although 1 in 100 people stutter, you may never have met anyone else who does. It can feel very isolating and lonely. You can probably identify situations that seem to make your stuttering worse or words that you find particularly difficult to say. You may avoid words or change what you are going to say in an effort to try not to stutter. You may also be frustrated by other people not knowing how to react when you stutter.

Our experience has shown that talking to a Speech Language Therapist and meeting other people who stutter helps.

Stuttering treatment

If you are looking for a stuttering cure, unfortunately the bad news is there isn’t one. However, there are a variety of effective treatments which will allow you to control your stutter. In addition, a variety of other components may be included in your treatment such as examining limiting thought patterns about yourself and your stuttering. Stuttering treatment is individualised according to your needs and may happen one on one or in a group.

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Check out this video from singer Megan Washington

Someone else who stutters is Ed Sheeran

Here he is speaking at the American Institute for Stuttering‘s 9th Annual Benefit Gala, where he accepted an award and discussed his experience growing up with a stutter, as well as his tips for the young people of today who stutter.