About the Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust

Welcome to the Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust.

Established in 1995, the Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust (START) is the only organisation in New Zealand that specialises in providing therapy and support to people of all ages who stutter and their families and whānau.

Our qualified team of specialist Speech Language Therapists are all members of the New Zealand Speech Therapy Association (NZSTA) and provide internationally accepted and effective therapy for clients. START’s services include access to a community of support and mentoring for people who stutter and their families, increasing the confidence and communication skills of our clients.

We are a registered charitable trust (CC30201) that has provided therapy and support to over 2,000 people and are working hard to raise awareness and tolerance of stuttering in the wider community. Our research and collaboration with some of New Zealand’s top Universities makes START a centre of excellence for the treatment and support of people who stutter.

Our team

Our team of specialist therapists give you the tailored treatment plan you need. We have options for individual or group therapy, and an exclusive mentoring programme available for you. Come and get to know us.


Many successful people have lived with a stutter. Our ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds but have all experienced growing up with a stutter and didn't let it hold them back. Be inspired by their stories.


Research helps us continue to be leaders in the industry and provide the best therapy possible. Over the years, our team have been involved in some exciting projects that have helped to advance treatment for clients.

We need your support

We're here to make a difference in the lives of people that stutter. Our success is thanks to the generous support of our community and friends. You can make a difference to these lives too. Your donation will make a real difference in the lives of people who stutter. If you can help by donating time or services, please contact us today.