The Lidcombe Program is a treatment tool for Speech Language Therapists to teach parents

speech therapy group stutteringThe Lidcombe Program is an evidence based, behavioural treatment for early stuttering, developed by clinicians at the Stuttering Unit, South Western Sydney Local Health District and researchers at the University of Sydney.  The treatment is administered by parents under the supervision of a clinician.  There are two stages in the Lidcombe Program.  During Stage 1 the child achieves zero or near-zero stuttering, and during Stage 2 the child maintains that gain for a long period.  The treatment in the Lidcombe Program is parental verbal contingencies during everyday conversations.  Clinical measurement of stuttering is critical in the Lidcombe Program, because it is a focus of all management decisions and the focus of all communication about stuttering between the clinician, parent and child.

This two-day workshop (delivered over four mornings) is designed for speech language therapists who are interested in using the Lidcombe Program. The workshop will include short lectures, small and large group activities, viewing and discussion of clinic visit videos, and case discussions. The Lidcombe Program workshops will be facilitated by Anna Hearne.

In 2022 we are offering two Lidcombe Program workshops – both of these will be online.

Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th June 2022
Monday 20th & Tuesday 21st June 2022
Time: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm each day

Monday 31st October & Tuesday 1st November 2022
Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th November 2022
Time: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm each day

Cost: $490.00 per person (this includes workshop manual, certificate and half day follow up workshop)

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February 2019 - Auckland

“Fantastic!  Thank you so much.  I now feel more confident to treat stuttering in young children”

“Thank you so much for this PD.  I feel much more confident about how to deliver the Lidcombe Program treatment”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and gained a good understanding of Lidcombe.  I really liked the pace of the course and the video components.  Thankyou both!”

“This is one of the best PDs that I have had.  Really enjoyed it!”

“Given that I have some experience with Lidcombe, I found the pace and content perfect.  Feeling much more confident”

“Really helpful revision and extension of my knowledge/experience with the Lidcombe Program.  Thank you for the workshop”

September 2019 – Wellington

“The workshop was presented in a really engaging manner with lots of anecdotes and videos to back up learning.  Presenters were both very approachable and took time for questions which was very helpful.  Thank you!!”

“Thanks so much Anna and Tika!  I really enjoyed this workshop and feel much more confident going forward.  The videos and discussions were great”.

“Fantastic – very thorough information that answered all my questions and questions I didn’t know I had! I’m very excited to put this new knowledge into practice.  A big thankyou to you both”.

“It was great to have a refresher on the Lidcombe Program.  The videos were so helpful to put a picture to the theory, and test your knowledge and understanding to affirm where you are at with understanding.  It was nice to have some perspective on applying into our own MoE settings too.  Thanks you so much Anna and Tika”

“The detail and pace of information was perfect.  I felt engaged and empowered throughout the session.  Very approachable.  Thank you so much”

“Great workshop.  Amazing video and brainstorming activity.  Wonderful explanations of questions.  Good time management.”