We need your help

The Stuttering Treatment and Research Trust’s success is thanks to the generosity of our¬†community of supporters and friends. As a not for profit and registered charity (CC30201), we are always looking to improve our financial stability and independence. For many¬†organisations, financial stability and independence allow for pay rises, shiny new offices, or other nice to have things. For us – it’s simple. The more money we can raise through donations and sponsorship, the more people we can help. Although we already have a subsidy plan, as well as a sliding scale option for those who cannot afford our $60/$45 fees, it is still something that comes from our own pocket.

We were featured on The Project for the work we do with New Zealand youth who stutter:

If you were to donate $600 today, you would help one child receive full treatment or attend an intensive fluency course like Ethan did. Help our Kiwi kids access the treatment they need today – donate to START.

You can make a difference for kids like Ethan. Visit our Givealittle page now to donate.


Thank you to our donors

A special thanks to those who support START financially.  This support means START can continue its work raising awareness of stuttering and providing an affordable service for people who stutter.
Below is a list of the organisations who have supported START in the last few years: