Teachers’ Guide to Working with Young People Who Stutter

This resource was created from research with young New Zealanders who stutter. In this research, they shared positive and negative experiences they have had at school. They highlighted the importance of their teachers being informed about stuttering, and how this affects their learning and life at school. They also reported bullying, misjudgment, poor self-confidence and not being given appropriate support.

The purpose of this resource is to provide teachers with increased understanding of stuttering and give them strategies for how they can help young people who stutter achieve their potential. It has primarily been developed with the help of young New Zealanders who stutter but also their teachers and speech-language therapists, to ensure it encompasses their combined perspectives and experiences. In conjunction with the information in this resource, talking to the young person who stutters and understanding their unique experience is essential. A conversation, ideally at the beginning of the school year, could also include whānau and be guided by the Individual Support Plan provided within this resource.