Children who stutter between the ages 11 and 13 can develop tools and confidence in a group setting

is stuttering geneticThis three day course is an adaptation of the Intensive Fluency Course for Teens. The course combines work on speech techniques with training in thinking skills in a group setting. While the course is not expected to 'cure' stuttering, it provides the student and their family with strategies to reduce stuttering behaviours and to develop confidence.

This course for 11-13 year olds is highly popular.

Cost: $150 (or $120 for CSC holders)

2020 course dates:

This course has now been postponed until 2021.

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“I gained a great insight to how it actually feels to stutter, previously I have felt empathy, now I understand how exhausting and frustrating it can be. I have gained a different type of understanding, my child has his stutter and I no longer feel sympathy for him, I see his stutter as part of him and his uniqueness, and I am very happy and confident that alongside START he will eventually become a lot more fluent in everyday life”

Kay Parkinson Christchurch

“Meeting other kids who stutter”

“Seeing other people stutter and to make friends”

“Meeting people like me”

12-14 year olds - What did you enjoy most about the course?

“Amazing to meet other parents and hear their stories and learn more about stuttering.  [My son] seems a lot happier and more confident.  He hasn’t said much yet about his experiences….[but] it would have meant a lot to him to hang out with everyone that talks like him” (Mum of Pre-Teen)

“Much more confident now in how to help [my son] and how to talk about his stutter with him.” (Mum of Pre-Teen)

“Connected with parents of other stutterers; sharing other’s experiences – great network.  Learn how to respond to child’s stuttering (and how not to).”  (Mum of  Pre-teen)

“Confidence to move forward with my son, knowing we both have the tools to help when times are difficult for him” (Mum of Pre-teen)

Parents of 12-14 year olds - What did you gain from the course?

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