This workshop has already been completed, but if you would like us to run it again please let us know by emailing

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (known as ACT) is an action-oriented, mindfulness-based approach which has both personal and professional relevance.  ACT can be used with a wide range of client groups.  The two major goals of ACT are acceptance of experience which is out of personal control and taking committed action towards living a valued life. Highly practical in nature, ACT’s focus is on cultivating acceptance and developing psychological flexibility which allows clients to identify and move in valued directions, through the use of effective goal setting.

On this experiential one day workshop you will:

  • develop an understanding of the rationale of ACT and its relevance to speech and language therapy
  • learn skills to help clients (young people and adults) manage difficult thoughts and feelings more easily
  • participate in a range of mindfulness practices
  • explore ways in which ACT principles can be integrated into speech and language therapy